Creative Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

When it comes to Valentine's Day and marketing your small business - do you know where to start? Today I have one of the most Creative Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses to share with you.

Sure, you can try to search for all the pink and red heart free stock photos.
You can try writing the silly little love catch phrases.

But . . .
Do you want to really capture your clients attention so they come back to you?
Do you want to create an eye-catching social media image that attracts your audience?


Look no further than the Limited Edition Festive Fetti Valentine's Day Gift Collection which includes the following Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses: notecards with envelopes, gift tags with twine, confetti, PLUS 4 bonus stock photos for use on social media and your blog posts.

It's a $58 retail value

but it's yours today for just $29 + FREE shipping and handling

1. Set of 4 notecards with envelopes {each card is hand-glittered}
The perfect way to say thank you to a previous customer in a special way {and there's even one for your super special someone in your life - no fun if it's all business, right?}

2. Set of 4 gift tags with twine {each tag is hand-glittered}
A sweet way to add a little something extra to a package for a client or business partner

3. A bag of Festive-Fetti™ Confetti {in a special color palette for the holiday}
There's so many possibilities here . . .
— tuck some confetti into the card{s}
— toss a little confetti around your product shots
— get the camera ready - toss confetti in the air + take a pic for a new headshot
— use confetti as package filler
— fill a balloon with some confetti before filling

BONUS: 4 Free Stock Photos with a Valentine's Day Color theme

These stock photos provide you with the perfect way to create eye-catching social media + blog post graphics — use as is or add text overlays.

Here's the scoop . . . {only 20 gift sets are available}

The Valentine's Day Gift Collection will be sent via snail-mail USPS Priority Mail and ships in 1-3 business days. The Free Valentine's Day Stock Photos will be sent immediately upon purchase.